Friends raised money for her and organized meals to be dropped off at her home.
BREAKING: Brides, grooms may be having weddings more about themselves and less about the wedding industrial complex.
She must also pay back the people who gave her money for her wedding and honeymoon.
The feeding tube diet doctor also says, "The doctors who are against this are showing a tremendous lack of empathy for people who need to lose weight." Yeah, screw the medical issues that could arise!
Other stuff Bridezillas are doing: Getting hormone shots and limiting their diets to 500 calories/day or taking Vitamin B shots and prescription pills to drop the pounds.
The NY Attorney General accused Vega of preying upon people with her fake sob story.
Chelsea Clinton's "Wedding of the Century" is set to be held
Melissa Chin and David Tutera Celebrity wedding planner/reality television star, David
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