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Investigators believe bricks were thrown off the building with intent to harm.

Witnesses said it sounded like an explosion or hailstorm.

A pair of pedestrians in Forest Hills were nearly crushed by falling bricks on Sunday after a valet rammed an SUV into a wall on an Austin Street rooftop.

They were fined $7,500 for failing to perform recent work on the facade.

A 2-year-old has been hospitalized after being struck by falling bricks from an Upper West Side building today.

The collection agency has vowed that they won't collect the money from the mother of a Bronx man who was fatally struck by a police car, and the city has apologized as well.

"We’re still grieving, and this is like a slap in the face," mother Laverne Dobbinson said. "They want my son to pay for damage to the vehicle that killed him. It’s crazy."

The FDNY spokesman said there are no reported injuries as of yet.

"I don’t know how we go from someone being chased by the police to someone being run over and killed,” said the attorney of the deceased man's family.