'My ego was big and I so badly wanted to impress these people,' he told the judge while begging for mercy.
Prosecutors allege that the firm received over 100 such referrals from Silver in his 11 years with Weitz & Luxenberg; those cases earn an average of $1.5 to $2 million apiece.
A 56-year-old worker for the Department of Sanitation was forced to resign after he was caught accepting a $20 tip for carting off a big pile of wood, furniture, and other "bulk refuse" from a Queens resident.
The Cliffs, a new climbing gym in Long Island City, has been shut down by the city for its "dangerous conditions"—the very last phrase you ever want to hear in association with "climbing gym."
Jimmy Meng was the first Asian American to be elected to the New York State legislature in 2004 and today he became the first Asian American former Assemblyman to be sent to jail on bribery charges.
No word on whether Brookdale will begin using controversial "Shake it off" therapy to further cut costs.
Montoya, who has been a safety inspector since 1993, "was responsible for certifying that day care centers throughout the city complied with fire safety standards," but "allegedly solicited bribes to look the other way."
Everybody gets a bribe! You get a bribe! And you get a bribe! And you get a bribe! That, at least, seems to be the attitude over at the offices of Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.
Along with the restaurant letter grades that are covering our city's restaurants there has been an uptick in charges of restaurateurs trying to bribe city inspectors.
Ronica Ganesh (via Facebook) An MTA HR staffer has been accused
Since coming to the Jets last spring, former Super Bowl MVP
In this week's New Yorker, the Department of Investigation (D.O.I.), the
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