Because of the wind, this afternoon's high will only reach the upper 50s.
You might not know it from the temperature right now but a cold front passed through the city around 4 o'clock this morning.
There's not much going on in the local weather forecast so let's jump down into the sordid hole of perspicacious groundhog prognostications.
Cooler air will stick around tomorrow, when the high should stick to the upper 30s
March is here! That means climatological winter is over.
Thursday's high of 71 made it the warmest day of non-winter and the warmest in nearly five months. The last time the temperature was over 70 degrees was on October 11th.
Did everyone make it through what passes for a major cold spell this winter? We had to put on a sweater yesterday!
Remember that high school science teacher droning on about nature abhorring a vacuum? They were right and today is proof of it.
Good morning SoHo by hudson on Flickr Looking at the hourly
Today's weather forecast is so stereotypical that it could have been pulled out of a textbook.
Hell's Kitchen Sunset by milo-bot on Flickr It's a pretty simple
South of the Border by jphillipobrien on Flickr Yowza, that was
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