The Breathalyzer test result was 0.13, higher than the legal limit.
The judge ruled against a lawsuit filed by NYPD unions arguing the police commissioner had no right to mandate breathalyzer tests.
NYPD can test cops' breath, a judge rules.
After getting into a nasty accident on the Bronx River Parkway last week that put his partner in a medically-induced coma, housing officer Rafael Casiano had his license suspended yesterday.
Even though the cop admitted he had been drinking, it took nine hours for a blood alcohol test.
Last August the state passed a law requiring even first time
Too easy: According to the Daily News, "An off-duty NYPD cop was
The Staten Island Advance reports that an assistant district attorney in
The attorney representing Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV says video of
An employee of the city's Department of Homeless Services is accused
According to urine and blood samples tested, former Yankee Jim Leyritz
NYPD detective turned Fox 5 reporter Mike Sheehan is saying "neigh"
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