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Over 50 women showed up at Columbus Circle for the start of the march around 1 p.m., with plenty of NYPD officers in tow.

The annual event, which was founded by a very sexy UFO religion, is this Sunday.

She attracted plenty of attention from shameless men who ogled her and asked questions like, "Can I get a close-up of your nipple?"

"Even in the 21st century, women need to stand up and demand that equality in fact—not just in words."

Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore, walked around NYC topless this week to protest Instagram's nipple ban.

A defiant Henson has countersued ESB for $5 million. "I'm hoping for a very fair judge," Henson told us. "I'm extremely confident in my attorney."

Allen Henson did two topless photoshoots at Grand Central and the Flatiron Building today, his first ones since he was sued by the Empire State Building.

A shocking TWIST in the case: the teen might be an escort! Or she might just be someone who knows how to give out fake telephone numbers.

The stupid government won't allow people under 22 to express their god-given right to place silicone implants inside their bodies. One 19-year-old figured out a way around such trivialities.