According to Officer Ramirez, her supervisors continued to taunt and harass her about wearing the mask, even as the number of NYPD officers infected with the virus continued to rise. B
The formula business is a $70 billion industry.
In NY State, breastfeeding is 100% legal in public places.
It's completely legal to breastfeed wherever a woman wants in New York State.
It was for the Second Annual Big Latch On.
Customers and Target employees rushed to the mother's defense.
Another friendly reminder that women CAN breastfeed in public.
The company says the city's subpoena is "burdensome."
Breast is best, don't you know.
BP Adams rallied for more breastfeeding zones, and paid leave for all new parents this morning.
"Even in the 21st century, women need to stand up and demand that equality in fact—not just in words."
Breastfeeding mothers are entitled to do so anywhere, but a particular safe haven can now be found amid the stacks in Barnes & Noble stores, thanks to a new agreement forged with the attorney general.
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