Breast milk

Five NYPD moms filed a class action lawsuit.
Would you watch a show about four-year-olds being breastfed?
Breast milk sustains babies, why not adults?
A new mom isn't letting a double mastectomy from letting her baby drink breast milk.
Consider this for your birthday or holiday shopping list: A doll that simulates breastfeeding for the little girl (or boy!) in your life.
Cows genetically modified with human genes are pumping out the equivalent of mother's milk, which begs the question—why?
First people were incensed when Chef Daniel Angerer crafted a cheese
via Daily Mail Last year, there was a whole hullabaloo after
Have you guys heard that some lady's husband is making cheese
The Mother's Milk cheese story has aged another day! Lori Mason,
Chef Daniel Angerer Over the weekend we mentioned that chef Daniel
PETA, who has urged Ben & Jerry's to use human breast
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