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'Jimmy McGill hurts people inadvertently. Saul Goodman just knows that someone's going to get hurt.'

Most importantly, it's delivered in real Los Pollos Hermanos-branded packaging.

One of the defendants thought a Yonkers apartment wouldn't have the proper ventilation to make the meth.

"I felt like the whole season was about dealing with the consequences, for all of these characters, for actions that were put into motion in season two," she told us.

We talked to creators/showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould about the tragic nature of the story, the future for Cinnabon Gene, morality, the separation between Jimmy and Mike, and the thing they wish they could do over.

Walter White-inspired cocktail bar pop-up ABQ will roll an RV into the city this summer for an interactive cocktail mixing experience.

While Jimmy's biblical feud with his brother provided the most devastating moments of the episode, there's no way we can get to it without addressing the chicken-sized elephant in the room.

The invisible hand of tragedy hangs over 'Better Call Saul' more than ever in the new season. The more time we spend with the characters, the less we want to see them fulfill their destinies.

You'll be able to try some of Gus Fring's "famous curly fries," and star Michael McKean will also make an appearance.