'My jaw dropped when I found out.'
There is a particularly bitter irony, the advocates say, that a man intent on destroying one of the Amazon rainforest would be honored inside a space dedicated to the celebration of the natural world.
Brazilians across New York City were in mourning Tuesday as news spread that a plane carrying members of the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense had crashed in the mountains of Colombia, killing nearly all passengers.
Police now believe that Ryan Lochte's gunpoint robbery claim was a story to cover up an incident he and teammates had with security at a gas station.
A judge ordered Lochte's passport be confiscated while they investigate his robbery claims.
If you're not heading to Rio, we've got the next best thing right here.
Four goals in six minutes helped Germany shock the host nation and send them to their eight World Cup championship match.
In Brazil, finding a way forward.
The flooding was so bad that even USMNT families weren't able to attend the match.
A strange duality has been at work in the run-up to this year's summer showcase, and it's showed in my interactions with residents of this sprawling, scruffy city.
And then the World Cup was canceled.
A drought in Brazil, where a third of the world's coffee is grown, may cause the price of beans to rise enough to affect your habit.
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