No arrests were made on the scene, despite witness video showing one firefighter pushing a responding police officer.
What do you think happens when Spirit Airlines suddenly cancels nine flights at Fort Lauderdale Airport?
A cop was also reportedly pepper-sprayed.
A police officer grabs a man by the neck inside Resorts
But their lawyer insists, "My guys were ambushed."
A pair of city bus drivers were arrested Friday when they allegedly started brawling in the middle of the street after one cut off the other in Midtown.
At least one teen was hospitalized with a busted jaw from the melee, in which the teens were fighting with baseball bats, knives and brass knuckles.
A tale as old as time.
The massive brawl at Rikers Island that lasted for 45 minutes started over a grilled cheese sandwich.
The brawl was touted as "Drake vs. Chris Brown Part 2."
Two fights broke out at the lower Manhattan school on Thursday which had to be broken up by police: "It was pretty messy. One girl's weave got pulled out."
Nothing we came across seems that bad compared to what went on in Albany this weekend, as you can see in the massive brawl video below that may make you reconsider whether to have children.
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