A former member said one of the leaders "made it sound like a bad-ass bitch boot camp."
A gigantic old fashioned neon sign above the bar shouts DRUGS. It lies.
"If it were something else, 'Vegans for Peace,' would I have really made a big issue?" one parent mused.
Solitary Sumatra anyone?
Paris and Brooklyn together for REAL this time.
If you brand it Brooklyn, they will come.
The Port Authority sold the rights to five "World Trade Center" trademarks to a non-profit group created in part by a man who was instrumental in the construction of the Twin Towers.
When we think Wendy's, we think fireplaces?
The NY Times just placed their stamp on Williamsburg's Wythe Avenue, with the most quotable article of all time.
"We would hesitate to use the term branding, necessarily, because of the corporate connotations to that, but there are advantages to the identity of the movement," said the OWS member who arranged the domain purchase.
Is anyone selling authentic Brooklyn suicide pills? Because we're buying.
Today the Vlasic pickle concern, a little Mom & Pop enterprise based in Michigan, sent us a shipment of their new "Farmer's Garden" artisanal pickles, which will be hitting shelves in NYC in August.
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