Brain dead

The toddler was declared brain dead on Friday.
A Brooklyn stepfather has been accused of viciously assaulting a 2-year-old who is now brain dead.
Police say a man who was found bloodied and bruised in Union Square Park last night is brain dead.
The suspect said there was no racial component to the incident: "I’ve punched white people. I’ve punched brown people. I’ve punched Hispanic people...So what? I don’t target anyone."
Suspect Lashawn Martin, 40, has a history of mental illness—as well as a complicated relationship with race.
Doctors have told police that 62-year-old victim Jeffery Babbitt, who did not know his attacker beforehand, is clinically brain dead.
The man who was attacked in broad daylight in Union Square this past week is allegedly brain dead.
The Brooklyn teen who was declared brain dead after being shot in late June—one day after he graduated middle school—was taken off of life support on his 15th birthday yesterday.
“I’m from the streets, you know? I know how it is out there. Stop-and-frisk could have helped prevent what happened to my stepson.”
A Brooklyn teen is reportedly brain dead after being shot while walking home Wednesday night—one day after he graduated middle school.
Tian Sheng Lin The family of deliveryman Tian Sheng Lin, who
Tian Sheng Lin, the 53-year-old deliveryman struck by texting teen Nechama
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