Brad hoylman

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman joined artists on the sidewalk in front of storied jazz club the Village Vanguard to press the case for financial relief measures aimed at helping touring musicians.
The lawmakers wrote in a letter that "vital information about the proposed Penn Station deal has still not been provided to taxpayers and the lawmakers elected to ensure their dollars are spent wisely and their city is developed smartly.”
Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving can't play professional basketball in New York City unless he takes a COVID-19 vaccine, but unvaccinated traveling opponents are permitted to do so.
The legislation seeks to permanently enshrine one of the few bright spots during this unrelenting period of awfulness — being able to walk out of your local bar with a drink in hand.
In announcing his bill on Monday, state Senator Brad Hoylman cited multiple troubling reports of the NYPD's use of facial recognition.
More than a week after the ban on digital billboards was signed, Ballyhoo does not appear to have faced a single citation.
'Our legal team believes these changes to the navigation law do not prohibit us from operating,' the TV Boats' owner insists.
The move to regulate facial recognition arises out of mounting privacy and civil liberty concerns, and the technology's emergence in New York City residential buildings.
Passed by a 39-21 margin, the bill concerns the president's state tax documents, which would have much of the same information as his long-sought federal filing.
Currently, only prostitution charges can be vacated, leaving trafficked sex workers with criminal records that can bar them from employment and housing.
State lawmakers in Albany have unveiled a plan they say will compel President Trump to release his tax returns.
LLCs allow slumlords and foreign investors and shady political donors to rule NY.
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