The latest cost estimate for the project is a full billion dollars more than the original projected price tag, even after cutting the BQX route short.
Even if Amazon's arrival has perked up interest in BQX, it won't do much to solve the project's biggest problem: money.
How many jobs would NYC actually get? And how much is it going to cost us?
'It's the shape of things to come,' de Blasio said.
The mayor had promised that it would.
"Instead of trying to help these people, [de Blasio] is dumping them in every hotel and motel he can find."
Some meeting participants protested a proposed shift in the project's location.
"In many places we're considering routes that are further upland from what was suggested in earlier proposals."
The Post is calling him the "Canadian Anthony Weiner."
"Everyone loves a shiny new Tonka toy, but basically you're talking about two and a half billion dollars of our money in a floodplain."
"It seems like this is a mind-blowing idea to put in a streetcar, but cities all over the world are doing this, rapid fire," the NYC DOT Commissioner said.
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