It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city, Carlos Scissura, head of the New York Building Congress, said.
The DOT warned of “substantial delays” starting Monday as a result of the lane reduction and asked motorists to consider public transportation instead.
Another option they recommended was a capped highway.
They recommend work to repair a dangerous stretch of the BQE begin immediately, and the elimination of 1/3 of the roadway's lanes.
The Mayor's Expert Panel is expected to give its recommendation in the fall, and the City Council is bringing on their own experts to review it.
The panel will "evaluate underlying project assumptions and review existing proposals," including no-build and reduced capacity options.
Stringer's plan calls for a truck-only highway with a new, vibrant linear park on top.
A brief history of the Promenade, as locals and officials battle a BQE rehabilitation plan.
'This is more than just this community, this is Bay Ridge, this is Fort Greene, this is Red Hook, all of us are involved in this,' Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said.
'The city says they want cleaner air and want to be more pedestrian-friendly and here they are proposing to tear down something that acts as a structural barrier to the BQE...'
One audience member suggested, to raucous applause, that if there had to be a temporary elevated roadway, it should be constructed over Brooklyn Bridge Park.
A major problem with the roadway is the concrete itself. It turns out it wasn't really designed for heavy trucks.
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