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The watering hole he opened in the 1970s grew into a destination, a favorite Midtown spot of New Yorkers.

The photographer thinks that Michael Sapp, who died as a result, was "standing unconscious."

We're fairly sure this isn't encouraged in the patrol guide.

This is a nice reminder that life is brutal when there isn't enough garbage to go around.

As Christine Teigen put it, "That was the dumbest shit I've ever pretended to be invested in."

Alas, no one will be micturated upon in a boxing ring anytime soon: the promoter who organized the George Zimmerman/DMX fight has canceled the event due to a sudden bout of common sense.

DMX: "I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him up right."

King posted on Facebook, "Great fight. More importantly, I survived!"

Woody Allen once boxed a kangaroo on a British variety TV show, and it was awesome. Watch it below.

If Romney is still unsure about what to do with his life and legacy, we'd like to point out that a career as a professional cooler is not only exciting, but extremely lucrative.