Bottled water

"It's a preliminary caution," mayor Ras Baraka said. "It's not going to hurt anybody to give out the water."
Bottled water is the number one selling beverage in the United States.
Rumor has it that she's going to be launching her own line of designer water, and that her recent weight fluctuations may have been part of a marketing strategy.
In NYC, we're lucky to have some of the greatest tap water in the entire world, but some people insist on buying bottled water from stands. And they're getting ripped off in the process.
To persuade people that they don't need to buy bottled water a group is hosting water taste tests outside of the much-maligned Nestle Pure Life Mercado del Agua in the Bronx.
Not content to get his water from a fountain like the
Rachel Pincus' Flickr A coalition of bottled water companies—including Nestle Waters,
The growing backlash against bottled water as an environmental abomination is stretching
Despite years of sake drinking experience at many of New York City’s
Today, the NY Times had some advice for incoming first years
On Friday, Pepsi-Cola announced that its Aquafina brand bottled water would carry
After higher-than-safe levels of the chemical terachloroethylene, also known as PERC and
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