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"It takes a vast amount of privilege to find humor in a uniform that represents terror and fear," the New York Immigration Coalition said.

We warn you: this is incredibly NSFW if you are a car, if you're a mechanophiliac, if your name is JG Ballard, or if you have a beating heart that bleeds at injustice and savagery.

More than 2,000 counterfeit bills were seized in JFK after customs officials found them stuffed in some chintzy crap.

Cue the depressing video of a couple getting kicked off an Amtrak train in Buffalo because their green cards are pending.

Pascal Abidor You'll recall that last year Pascal Abidor, a 26-year-old

Pascal Abidor On May 1st, Pascal Abidor, a 26-year-old doctoral student

After both Senate Democrats and Republicans agreed on an immigration bill