Check out Idiotarod 2019 in all its idiotic glory.
Great, just when we thought alcohol was good for us.
No matter what, you'll still be able to get a Sunday brunch drink when you actually need it: post-noon.
WHO is the Mayor of Picklebacktown?
What could go wrong?
Sadly, the event has abandoned the NYPL main branch for Cipriani Wall Street—but at least there's still a ton of booze to be had.
When life gives you snow, make daiquiris.
Alcohol production facilities city and state wide have seen a dramatic increase in the past three years.
Science proves that teetotalers have shorter lifespans than drinkers. We'll take it!
We're all drinking too much anyway.
One Clinton Hill Mexican joint thinks that ladies prefer it when they are treated separate but equally by restaurants—if by equally, you mean, um, unequally.
The bar cars, where riders could procure a couple cans of beer and bond with fellow drinkers on their way home from work, have been phased out.
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