The roving Bronx Bound Books will host readings, storytime, and everything else a brick and mortar bookstore might offer.
In a last-ditch attempt to fend off the city's request to designate the Strand's 1902 building a landmark, the owner of the bookshop is offering to place a historic preservation easement on her storefront.
Not only is McNally Jackson not leaving Prince Street—they're also opening up new locations at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn and at the South Street Seaport.
'The soul of McNally Jackson is the books and the booksellers. We have remained devoted to an old fashioned idea of bookselling, in which bookstores are edifying spaces.'
There are 3,000 books, all shown face-out, in the 4,000-square-foot store.
There used to be 386 bookstores in the borough—now there are only 106.
The space will be used for storage during construction of other parts of Grand Central Terminal.
Yesterday, it was reported the store would be closed for good in January.
An irritant, possibly pepper spray, was released inside The Strand.
The new store will be open next year and there will be a special salon for events.
The bookstore refused to divulge what Swift bought, which means they have really good customer-bookstore confidentiality.
The Barnes & Noble in Union Square has some cool people dropping by this year.
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