If you are looking for more context into the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, there are resources on hand at your local library branch.
From Barack Obama to Danielle Steel, here's what New Yorkers were checking out from the library this year.
There are around 300 books across categories.
She is wrestling with a disturbing irony of her success: authors, publishers, bookstore owners, and even Amazon are getting rich “because George Floyd died.”
"Over the past few days, HBG leadership had extensive conversations with our staff and others. After listening, we came to the conclusion that moving forward with publication would not be feasible for HBG."
“We stand in solidarity with Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow and survivors of sexual assault,” the employees said in a statement.
This is the first time the institution has created such a list, which features books since its founding 125 years ago.
“We are so excited to expand The Strand and engage the community of the Upper West Side," Strand owner Nancy Bass Wyden said.
The top 10 list AND a special MetroCard kick off the Library’s 125th anniversary.
The most popular books in every borough, courtesy of the NYPL, BPL and QPL.
'Our four stores are in danger of closing soon...This is true in spite of the fact that business has been good and we are widely supported and appreciated.'
The mobile libraries are intended to help communities that have a dearth of libraries.
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