Book store

'This is the saddest and most destructive outcome we had imagined.'
'Our intention is to keep that space as a bookstore and we're working hard to do that,' said the building's landlord. 'It just won’t be Chris at the helm.'
'I hope we can work something out,' the store's co-owner said.
'Our four stores are in danger of closing soon...This is true in spite of the fact that business has been good and we are widely supported and appreciated.'
'We reached our goal yesterday, and the gentleman who started [the GoFundMe campaign] is coming to take down the 'going out of business' sign later.'
'Someone started a GoFundMe page. If we get to $50K, then we'll definitely stay open.'
Come January, a borough with a population larger than San Diego's will lack even a single general-interest bookstore.
Borders is preparing to liquidate and close all of its stores across the country.
Reader Patrick sent us photographs of notes in the window of the
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