The average Wall Street worker took home $164,000 in bonus cash last year. You can go throw up now.
Con Ed CEO Kevin Burke gave back his $315,000 bonus.
And the sad final days of Hostess as we know it continue. Well, sad unless you are one of the 19 senior executives who are going to get a collective $1.9 million in bonuses.
You guys, bankers hurting. One of them even has to clip coupons from a sales circular. A CIRCULAR!
Today, the NY Times looks at the plight of well-compensated financial
Last week, Cravath kicked off bonus season for their associates and
Cravath just released their year-end bonuses for associates and it's looking...a
The stock market is excited about the Federal Reserve's economy-stimulating decision
Possible Senate candidate Harold Ford has been bashed by his likely
Okay, so maybe not all Wall Street types are fat cats—but
A sour new press release sent from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign
Yesterday Bloomberg News ran excerpts from a forthcoming Bloomberg BusinessWeek story
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