This most recent error marks the latest in a series of administrative mistakes by the beleaguered BOE.
The group found an alarming 378 instances where a voter could be matched to what is supposed to be a secret ballot.
The most outstanding Democratic absentee ballots are from Manhattan (at 39,596), but Queens and Brooklyn are right behind that with 35,482 and 32,527 respectively. An additional 12,943 are from the Bronx and 5,022 are from Staten Island. These could decide some races.
Eric Adams maintained a narrow 2-point lead in the Democratic mayoral primary, down from his 9-point lead on Primary Night, with the top three candidates reshuffled as they were on Tuesday, but this time by much smaller margins.
A discrepancy led 135,000 test ballots to be included in the RCV final tally. The BOE and software maker blame human error.
One longtime BOE Commissioner had a laugh giving NYC voters the finger on Election Day.
“They could and I don't understand why they don't."
Two days after the chaotic pandemic primary, the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board delivered another blow to the city Board of Elections.
"I want to ensure technical and administrative deficiencies do not prohibit eligible voters from safely casting their ballot."
"The largest New York City election cycle in recent no place for a trial run with a machine that has failed in other jurisdictions."
In testimony at a City Council hearing on Tuesday, supporters of voting reforms pointed to other states with more expansive models of early voting.
There were hints in the weeks leading up to the election that the two-page ballot was going to cause trouble on November 6th.
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