Bodega cats

Before an unidentified woman made off with the bodega kitten, a man offered the store's owner $50 for the cat.
Bodega owners currently face fines of up to $3,000 for having cats in their establishment.
This week's column has two bodega-related questions.
It's our latest installment of LOOK AT THESE CUTE BODEGA CATS.
Our call for photos of the city's noblest guardians of commerce was heeded, and we present you with 21 MORE of only the best, cutest, sneakiest bodega cats New York City has to offer.
Earlier this week we asked you to send in photos of your favorite bodega cats, and here's the first set in our series!
If you see a bodega cat send us a photo, and together we'll compile the greatest directory of New York City bodega cats this world has ever seen!
In this daring documentary, a video crew journeys to the most exotic bodegas in New York City to bring back rare footage of the establishments' ferocious yet furry guardians.
heypatrick's flickr New York has 23 official state symbols: we have
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