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Everyone agrees the Riverside Park boat basin needs to be upgraded. Not everyone likes the city's plan: "This looked like the monstrosity on the Hudson."

A New Jersey state senator is gearing up for marine class warfare between the have-nots and have-yachts.

Floating on the watery world that surrounds our city is one of the more sublime ways to idle away a temperate evening.

The wonderful sunset cruises aboard the 1944 WW II Yard Patrol Boat return for the season this Friday with a new menu of New England dishes.

The boat docks at Pier 81, serving lobster rolls and other seafood dishes, leaving the dock a few times a day to float around the harbor.

The Water Table is dishing out a killer Sunday Supper with lobster mac, potent Manhattans and a view that can't be beat.

The captain claims that the batteries in the boats, called phase cells, frequently short out. When that happens, the captain is unable to slow or properly maneuver the boat while it's being docked.

Sail around the East River eating guacamole, drinking beer and taking in the skyline? Yes please!