The 'Lost Islands of New York' event happened over the weekend.
A 16-year-old girl was killed by the boat propellor, and another girl was seriously injured.
However, the victims' families contend that the Tappan Zee Bridge construction barges weren't properly lit.
Several people were fished out of the drink just before noon today after a sailboat capsized near the Statue of Liberty.
Here are a few tips for enjoying New York City's enclave on the Long Island Sound that you've been too lazy to research.
The much-awaited East River Ferry took its maiden voyage today—here are some shots of the boat in action.
Jijo Puthuvamkunnath, with fiancee Sissy Chacko Bereft over his son's death
(WPIX) Just after 6:15 p.m. last night, one person was killed
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