Two promoters were arrested for violating liquor license and COVID-19 rules.
The Iron Scow lodged itself in the Niagara River in 1918, and didn't move for over a century. Until Thursday.
A sailor was rescued by the NYPD after drifting for days near Rockaway Point with no food, no fuel, a ripped sail, and a dead cell phone.
The boat was located near Governors Island at the time of the incident.
It's believed it transported coal—or maybe seafood or rum!
For the second straight season the Lilac functions as a gallery as well, with more than a dozen site-specific pieces throughout the vessel, from the deck to the galleys to those other ship parts to the dank depths of her rusty heart.
About damn time.
A 303-pound, 8-foot, 4-inch mako shark leapt into the bow of Tom Rostron Jr.'s 31-foot boat...and tried to eat the boat.
Sources say the note reads as part manifesto, part suicide note, and part justification for the killing of innocent people—but we're sure some lovestruck teenagers will still find this very romantic indeed.
The remaining suspect in the deadly Boston marathon bombings was finally caught last night after a two hour stand-off and shootout with police in a backyard in suburban Watertown.
Photographer Shelley Seccombe is displaying her photos of the West Side piers, appropriately, on a boat docked in the Hudson.
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