Boardwalk empire

The medical examiner found fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine in Williams' system.
Williams was unforgettable as a ruthless gangster who robbed drug dealers in 'The Wire.'
Take a look behind-the-scenes at Boardwalk Empire filming in the historic Bailey House in Harlem.
There's the guy adjusting his Dish Network device atop the Tappan Zee Bridge and the fact that the Rent Regulation building appears to have been boarded up long ago.
"I've got a kill shot on Buscemi. REPEAT clear kill shot on Buscemi!"
If you've ever had a fantasy of being chauffeured around the city with all the luxury and style of the early 20th century, then you're in luck today.
Last night a giant fireball could be seen in Greenpoint, coming from the set of Boardwalk Empire. Here's some amazing video that captured the explosion.
If you see or hear a fireball in Greenpoint tonight, don't worry, it's just television magic.
New York has many movie theaters, but it only has one Anthology Film Archives—and the East Village institution needs your help. But you could win something in return.
Special effects are everywhere on TV these days, though with some exceptions (*cough* Ringer pilot *cough*) you barely notice it. So its nice sometimes to see how the sausage gets made.
The Boardwalk Empire-themed vintage 1920s subways on the express 2/3 track in Manhattan started running yesterday—but have you gotten to ride it yet? Below, watch some videos from inside the trains.
Ride the Prohibition-era nostalgia train starting today!
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