The shirtless man accused of fatally punching a stranger on the Brighton Beach boardwalk this summer has been arrested by police.
The fire that caused the popular eatery to go up in flames started under the boardwalk.
"I did not anticipate this becoming such an issue with the administration."
A $200 million project to rebuild sections of the Rockaway Beach boardwalk destroyed in Hurricane Sandy won't be completed until the summer of 2017.
Chris Christie told the press that when he heard the news, "I said to my staff I feel like I want to throw up."
A six alarm fire at a snack stand in Seaside Park New Jersey has spread to the boardwalk.
A Brooklyn judge ruled that the city Parks Department can replace a section of the Coney Island boardwalk with concrete and plastic without an environmental review.
The boardwalks will return! But they probably won't all be back this summer and they probably won't all be made from wood.
The sad news for anybody who loves a good splinter came yesterday when hizzoner stopped by the temporary offices of Rockaway newspaper The Wave for a chat about that state of the peninsula post-Hurricane Sandy.
Activists are pressing the Parks Department to fix a particularly dangerous span of the dilapidated walkway.
The Coney Island boardwalk has nearly enveloped three victims in the past week. Creepy!
In the near future, beach-goers and amusement-lovers no longer be reduced to entering the Coney Island Boardwalk like rats scurrying up the gangplank to a rotting death ship.
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