Board of health

An injunction filed by the National Restaurant Association has been lifted by a state appeals court.
A judge granted the National Restaurant Association's request to halt enforcement on salt warnings for the time being.
The National Restaurant Association is suing the NYC Health Department over the new measure, saying the menu additions are "yet another blow" to small businesses.
Dishes exceeding 2,300 milligrams of sodium will bear a warning icon depicting a salt shaker.
This is a huge victory for all herpes-riddled mohels and their supporters.
The new law mandates that children enrolled in city-licensed preschools and daycare centers receive flu shots by the end of 2014.
The Board of Health is expected to vote on a proposal today that would require annual flu shots for children ages six months to about 5 years old.
Looks like it didn't take long for Big Soda to bring out the Big Legal Guns against Bloomberg's soda ban.
It was an "historic" meeting, as Health Commissioner Thomas Farley put it; one in which the board's integrity seemed to be at stake as much as any huge soda containers.
As expected, the Board of Health has approved a plan to restrict the sale of sugary drinks, voting 8-0 with one abstention.
The details of a proposed big soda ban will be made public and voted into law all in the same day! That day is today.
As we get closer to finding out if Mayor Bloomberg's big soda ban will happen, Hizzoner is lining up as much support for his side as he can
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