Board of elections

This most recent error marks the latest in a series of administrative mistakes by the beleaguered BOE.
The New York City Board of Elections, which is usually represented by the City Law Department, wants its own counsel.
“I wanted to find out whether or not this was based on actual evidence," state Senator Zellnor Myrie said.
A new report seeks to revive election reforms after failure of ballot measures.
It’s more than a week earlier for the upcoming November 2 general election.
The group found an alarming 378 instances where a voter could be matched to what is supposed to be a secret ballot.
According to a new report from The Brennan Center for Justice, NYC’s BOE is among the worst in the nation despite recent efforts to update how it administers elections.
But that number does not tell the whole story.
Voters and poll workers say they've lost confidence in how elections are run in New York City.
“I feel like I’m back in Communist Albania,” one candidate said.
Four weeks after Primary Day, the results for almost all the primary elections are final.
In its first close-up since the city’s chaotic primary election, ranked-choice voting sparked passionate debate on Monday. And both sides agree the debate is unlikely to subside anytime soon.
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