Board of correction

The city has until November, at least, to fix deplorable conditions at the jails.
One board member who is supposed to be overseeing the facility defended the preventable deaths as "natural."
Detainees said they’ve gone weeks or even months without leaving their housing units.
"Blaming the like the captain of the Titanic blaming the iceberg.”
Officers were "confused" about how often they were supposed to check on the 27-year-old transgender woman, found dead in her cell on Rikers last summer.
The Department of Correction's oversight board just approved a fourth extension on ending the practice.
When Kuchma protested the guard's use of the n-word, he claims the guard said, "You think this stupid n----- would stick up for you" and threatened Kuchma with physical violence.
The city's Board of Correction is currently hearing public comment on new rules that would bring the city's correctional facilities in compliance with a 2003 federal law.
Jail officials may place inmates in solitary confinement for 60 straight days, eliminating a requirement to give them a temporary reprieve.
New rules would restrict contact during visitation.
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