Watch the whole thing for the twist ending, and the closest you'll ever come to getting hit by a mail truck, hopefully!
The teen also apparently exchanged Facebook messages with the girl a few days before her death.
The 15-year-old also apparently "liked" the "Find Autumn Pasquale" Facebook page.
NJ Prosecutor Sean Dalton said, "It's my hope the arrest today provides a measure of closure (for the family) that the individuals responsible for their daughter's death will be held accountable."
Police say the suspect remained on his bicycle the whole time.
The NCA hopes to hold "a major 6-day race over six nights," combining "live bands, BMX exhibitions," and attract a few thousand people and build support for a Kingsbridge Armory Velodrome.
After BP Ruben Diaz, Jr., successfully staved off Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to build a shopping mall in the cavernous, castle-looking structure, he commissioned a study from NYU's Wagner school. The result: make it a velodrome.
At Benjamin Soto Park (YouTube) After the Parks Department gleefully destroyed
Photograph by Urbanblitz on Flickr The city has made up its
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