Police say the victim drove two blocks after shots rang out, then crashed.
"It's a source of innovative ideas and bringing together many different types of problem solvers and thinkers into one space."
Williamsburg also has suburban New Jersey's hottest small plates restaurants.
So who is going to pay for the dent in the car? The construction company.
This close call between a BMW and a construction vehicle was spotted at the corner of Mott and Bleeker Streets. And it is truly a mystery for the ages.
"I think [Gil] was drunk," the passenger said, referring to 28-year-old Arnaldo Gil, who was charged with DWI after the crash. "I know he was."
Eight people were injured after a BMW and a Bentley, both driven by allegedly drunk drivers, crashed into each other in the Flatiron District at 3:46 this morning.
Apparently a witness noticed all the blood and contacted the police.
The Cadillac was stuck on the FDR Expressway at 116th Street carrying two men who were clearly on their way to some VERY IMPORTANT business at 10 a.m. this morning.
Barion A. Blake The BMW-obsessed ex-con who was suspected of beating
Barion A. Blake in 2007. After his story received a massive
Clark Gettinger (NBC New York) Police charged a driver with a
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