Blue lives matter

The vehicle’s license plate matches that of another car frequently shared on social media by Hakim Gibson, a pro-NYPD activist who currently runs a “law enforcement support page.”
"When I seen the Blue Lives Matter flag I’m like, what is going on? This is not what it’s about."
One person was hospitalized after being attacked at a pro-NYPD rally in Brooklyn.
'I don’t have anything that actually proves to me that it’s even happened.'
'With the increase of police presence in the subways, flags like these only function to make black and brown people feel less safe taking public transportation.'
The law would also apply to EMTs and fire fighters.
"We want to protect police officers by making the public pause before they would throw a bottle or a rock or a punch."
"Whatever, bro."
"And now every time I encounter a police officer I'm afraid."

"What they're doing is pretty obvious."
Bratton said, "Can you point out to me, one mayor who hasn't been battling with the police unions in last 50 years? Name one. Name one."
"He resisted arrest, and he had asthma, it's his problem. He was doing something illegal. Isn't he breaking the law? Why is that so difficult to understand?"
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