Bloody marys

From beer to whiskey to bloody marys, there's all sorts of libation love happening this week.
We punished our stomachs at Sunday's Bloody Mary Festival to find out.
In addition to the vodka, folks.
"Would I like to order food? No thanks! This moist tube of beef will have me sated as soon as I work up the nerve to bite down on its unnervingly perfect casing."
It appears the rumors of autumn's demise have been greatly exaggerated and
Note to all mixologists: Tomato juice does not go well with
Sometimes you have to leave the city to realize how impatient
It's Memorial Day and if you are are like us, your drink
Gothamist has been on a perpetual quest to find the perfect
Americans love their vodka. Bloody Marys at brunch, après work dirty martinis
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