A Brooklyn man believed to be a high-ranking member of the Bloods has been arrested in connection with an elaborate murder-for-hire scheme.
The explosive was intended for a gang member believed to be living at the property, according to police sources.
The men were among 34 people indicted this month as part of an alleged drug operation stretching from China to Arizona to Jamaica, Queens.
Her father says her 200 pound frame saved her.
Ain't no buts about it: setting a record for most bags of heroin hidden in your anus is an achievement.
"If anyone out there is gang banging lets show Whitney Houston respect by commiting no crimes on saturday...let us show some respect she helped alot of people in Nj lets show lov."
An 18-year-old prisoner was killed in 2008 after refusing to participate in "The Program," a system of violence and intimidation created by the prison guards.
Yesterday, a judge sentenced three men involved in a horrific rape
FBI agents with a suspect (WCBS 2) Federal and local authorities
Members of MS-13 gang It's been a busy week in court
So your friend is getting sentenced in court and you want
A city correction officer has been suspended for 15 days and
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