The backlash represented the second misstep this week for the mayoral candidate.
The events of the past year add a layer of urgency to this week’s activities, now in their 5th year.
If the first court-ordered monitor is a guide, it could be a long, tedious process before any real change in how the NYPD handles protests.
Watch a mesmerizing 10 minute drone video showing all eight murals in the city—that includes three in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, one each in the other boroughs.
Pro-life activists lead "drive-by painting" of Black Lives Matter murals across NYC.
Volunteers spread yellow traffic paint into letters 28 feet tall, spanning a 375-foot-long stretch of Fulton Street in Restoration Plaza.
Protesters have faced attacks including a man swinging a knife-studded glove at a group, a man gunning a truck where a protester was standing, and a man ripping fliers and ramming his bicycle into a protester.
Police have held onto photos, social media snippets, and emails profiling particular protesters, even though the events in question occurred four years ago.
A NYS Supreme Court Justice ruled the department had failed to demonstrate that making the records publicly available posed a security risk.
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