Blizzard 2015

The Blizzard Bust of 2015 has a great story to come out of it.
A Connecticut man was arrested after pulling his kids on a sled behind his pickup truck at what authorities deemed "unreasonable speeds."
Yesterday was a fine day to enjoy the quiet.
A few drones captured the blizzard from above.
It's about seven feet tall.
Stewart saved his vitriol for news organizations that "desperately cling to the original narrative like dingleberries on a sheep's ass."
The storm has once again shined a light on the disconnect between Albany and the City during major health and safety decisions.
No blizzard, no problem.
It's bitter cold this morning and some subway stairs may be slippery.
Our greatest winter enemy.
'This shall be a tempest the likes of which has never been glimpsed by man or beast.'
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