Blizzard 2010

Bloomberg told reporters the city will launch a website letting people track plows via GPS: “We have a whole plan. We will get to it quickly." Wait a minute...that's exactly what the Cylons said!
A group of emotionally scarred commuters who were trapped on an A train for eight hours overnight during last year's Christmas weekend blizzard are suing the MTA.
"You go to blizzard with the snow chains you have," is not something Donald Rumsfeld ever said.
The Department of Investigation released their long-awaited report on the alleged sanitation "slowdown" during last winter's Blizzageddon. And they ultimately found that there was no conspiracy to purposefully slowdown as revenge for department budget cuts.
Remember this past winter when everything wrong happened and the city
Did a snow plow crash into your car during the Boxing
(via Navid J's Flickr) Last month saw two wrongful death lawsuits
Cleaning up the Boxing Day blizzard (via pixbymaia's flickr). A month
Woodendesigner's Flickr Total of lost revenues incurred by the MTA due
Claire Reed And then there were two. Lawyer Sanford Rubenstein plans
Mayor Bloomberg has largely scoffed at accusations that the Sanitation Department
Yvonne Freeman The family of a 75-year-old Corona woman who died
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