So far, there's been 17.2 inches of accumulation in Central Park.
The MTA resumed above-ground subway service this morning after crews worked through the night clearing snow from subway tracks.
You might not love the 20-40 MPH wind with snow being pelted in your face, but your dog is into it!
Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency in New York City and nine other counties, advising all city residents to stay home if they can, as the storm's severity continues to worsen.
The latest forecast says over a foot of snow is likely.
The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for late Sunday through late Monday, with “heavy snow possible” between 6-10 inches accumulation and wind gusts up to 45 mph.
As predicted, atmospheric water vapor that has frozen into ice crystals have started falling in the form of light white flakes and sticking to the sidewalks, buildings and streets of New York City.
We have three important tips for ordering takeout during this week's storm.
Expect "significant" traffic today through Friday.
"You're going to see a lot of refreezing, and that means the conditions on the roads and sidewalks are going to be very dangerous..."
Below-ground service is expected to continue. That's where you want to be anyway.
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