Blessing of the animals

There was no procession of crazy animals this year, but it was a fun day nonetheless.
Among the blessed: a mini Juliana pig, several raptors, a poofy sheep, a boa constrictor shedding his skin, a haughty alpaca, a naughty goat, and a crowd-pleasing coatimundi.
In addition to hundreds of local dogs (and a few cats), there was a goat, a fennec fox, a giant tortoise, and three beautiful birds of prey.
Alpacas, baby ducks, goats, owls, a coatimundi—and, of course, hundreds of local dogs—all get blessed at the historic gothic cathedral on the Upper West Side .
The annual tribute to St. Francis of Assisi was as heartwarming and ever.
Bunnies! Cats! Kangaroo! Camel! Dogs!
This weekend was the Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Morningside Heights, and photographer Katie Sokoler was there to capture all the noble beasts on camera.
When you're blessed with beautiful looks like these animals, do you really need to pile on more blessings? Belt and suspenders, we guess. Also, IS THAT EDIE FALCO?
From the 2007 Animal Blessing Today, at the Cathedral Church of
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