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A Connecticut man is accused of throwing bleach at a police officer during a traffic stop.

Much of Nirvana's 1989 tour, promoting their debut album Bleach, was caught on film.

“This indictment alleges an act of thuggery in broad daylight that cannot be tolerated,” said Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who has been accused of going easy on sex offenders in the tightly-knit Satmar Jewish community.

Bleach was apparently found at the scene.

Some residents were unhappy at the cops, so they threw bleach.

Six months ago Sergey Mamontov, a 50-year-old Russian immigrant from Sheepshead Bay, decided to welcome a roommate into his apartment. But it seems they didn't click.

A crew of masked robbers are on the loose, cashing and splashing ATMs across Brooklyn.

Police are looking for a cousin of a former Jets linebacker