"We're not going to quit, obviously," said Con Edison president Tim Cawley.
Sure it's more than 90 degrees out, but maybe you can just go to a museum or a public pool or a dimly lit bar...oh, right.
Councilmembers castigated the company for failing the city and for not doing enough to to hold itself accountable.
For more than two hours, Con Ed president Tim Cawley was grilled by angry New York State lawmakers demanding to why the blackouts happened and what his company is doing to prevent outages in the future.
Relays are used to trigger circuit breakers in electrical substations, if there's too much current, and help the system from being overloaded.
A growing coalition of New Yorkers are making the case that the best successor to Con Ed is neither a private company nor a collection of them, but the public itself.
Thousands of Brooklyn residents were still without power this morning, after Con Ed throttled service in certain neighborhoods amid a searing heat wave and record-shattering energy use on Sunday night.
'If they do not perform, they can be replaced. Con Ed almost has an attitude of the too-big-to-fail banks.'
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the disturbance, which knocked out power from Times Square to the Upper West Side, was not caused by a cyber attack.
The blackout, Manhattanhenge, and a choir set the scene outside of Carnegie Hall on Saturday night.
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