In December 2018, a civil rights attorney noticed products with "Sambo-like imagery" at their Soho store.
One of the girls also posted an apology to Instagram.
A video circulating online shows two female students at a Brooklyn prep school wearing blackface and making ape gestures.
Prada has agreed to set up an advisory council to address issues of 'diversity, inclusion and culture.'
A Prada storefront in Soho removed a controversial display on Friday morning amid mounting outrage that the merchandise featured "racist and denigrating blackface imagery."
A labor attorney says that public employees' private time behavior may be scrutinized.
Would you continue to employ a racist?
It all started last week, then two seniors wore a Confederate flag to an intramural sports event.
"I'm sorry some people are crybabies. But in my defense I'm an adult man in NYC and didn't realize blackface was offensive."
"The governor needs to say something, and we need to go beyond condemnation verbally," declared City Councilman Charles Barron, who even got Mayor Bloomberg to chime in as he arrived at City Hall.
"Would it be okay I played a gay person next year?" asked the elected official who wore blackface on Purim.
"I understand people's sensitivities. Nobody meant anything."
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