Black seed

Babka stuffed with OddFellows ice cream, now available at all Black Seed Bagel shops. (And don't forget, Russ & Daughters has them too!)
It's stuffed with mortadella and melted cheese, and it's available during August at all Black Seed and Bāng Bar locations.
Want to turn your Katz's pastrami sandwich into a healthy bowl? They showed us how. Not that you should ever do this.
The Montreal bagel upstart has taken over the former De Robertis space, though they've lovingly restored many of the charming elements.
Here's where delectable bread halos make friends with sumptuous spreads, proteins and tomato slices.
The upstart bagel company takes on another NYC classic.
The Montreal-style bagelry aims to convert NYers to their doughy ways.
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