Black ice

There's ice lurking under that melting slushy snow, and it will drop you like a bag of dirt.
Two enterprising New Jersey men were arrested after allegedly attempting to cover up a drunken car crash by making it appear to be a faultless accident caused by black ice.
At least all this ice has made Central Park a much better place to be.
Well, this is harrowing.
Gravity and black ice teamed up yesterday to make a mockery of drivers and pedestrians alike.
Be very careful out there everybody: freezing rain and black ice have led to multiple car accidents around the city and tri-state area.
And it's free!
One driver recalled sliding in his car for 20 seconds.
Happy Monday, please don't shatter a hip.
A young mother was killed and her brother seriously injured in a freak accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway, plunging 75 feet over a concrete barrier.
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