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The unit was sold at auction, and the new owner was inspecting the space when he found the freezers.

Apparently the cop said he was attacked by the worker first!

NYU instructors: if they're not suing James Franco or allegedly taking upskirt photos of women, then they're probably having meltdowns in Williamsburg.

Bizarre Bar is the newest drinking hole to open in an increasingly lush Bushwick, but it's more than just a place to knock back a few divey beer-and-shot combos.

If you ever wanted to hear Reed cackle about extreme sexual stuff ("Smile, you're on fisty camera," "erect baboons"), here's your chance!

Yesterday, accused "Cannibal" cop Gilberto Valle was denied bail after a lawyer for one of his intended victims testified that his client “is terrified for her life and safety if he should be released.”

"Nobody was skeeved by him at all. He was normal," said Judy Levin. "You wouldn’t think twice about inviting him into your house."

"When she saw what was on the computer, what he was into, she literally ran out of the house with just the clothes on her back," a police source said about Valle's estranged wife.

Mayor Bloomberg gave his annual "State Of The City" address in the Bronx today—and while that speech was filled with "bombshells," the star-studded video which introduced him kind of overshadowed much of that

2011 was the year the Rapture didn't happen (twice), we attended a 9/11 Truther conference, and we opened the floodgates to the Ron Paul Nation. Click through for some of our most memorable, bizarre stories.